Planning to join Bachelor in Computer Applications and wondering how’s the program going to be and what you should prepare for the first semester? There’s not much that you’d need to prepare for joining BCA. You do not need much preparation for BCA but you can always be prepared for tomorrow, isn’t it?

The first semester of the program has five subjects – Computer Fundamentals and Applications, Society and Technology, English, Mathematics and Digital Logic.

For computer fundamentals, you don’t need to prepare for the theory part. It is easy to understand if you are attentive in your regular class. However, you can prepare for the practical. Get familiar with the word processor application (the program focuses on MS Word). Go from the basics and explore as much as you can. At least learn the word processor to the extent that you can easily draft a well-formatted document.

Learn the basics of the MS Excel (spreadsheet package) and MS Power-point (presentation package) as well.

This might be the one that you have been waiting for, photo-editing. Install Adobe’s Photoshop and try to learn the basics of photo editing. Explore the available tools. Try editing your photos for social media. If you learn the basics and get to know what and who the tools perform it will be very easy for you in your first semester.

You do not require to prepare much for the Society and Technology and English. And Mathematics is up to you. If you are good at Math you can let it go, but if you are someone who has problems in Mathematics you should consider getting the basics of the subject matter. Set Theory, Real and Complex numbers; Relation, function and Graphs; Sequence and Series; Matrices and Determinants; Analytical Geometry – Conic Sector and Vector in Space; and Permutation is what you learn.

For Digital Logic, just get used-to to number system and the conversion from one system too another. Binary Arithmetic would also be a help to you.

Doing these would be enough for your preparation for BCA.

Additionally, you can also learn other skills as per your interest. Knowledge of web-designing (HTML and CSS), Programming language (any), photo-editing (Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator), video-editing, graphics-designing, etc. could be very beneficial to you for your near future and career.

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