Divya Gyan - Best Bca college in Nepal

Are you an examinee awaiting high school result who is thinking of joining Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)? Not sure whether BCA is the right course for you or not? If you are in Kathmandu feel free to visit Divya Gyan College regarding the counselling of the course. If you are from Kathmandu or planning college here, Divya Gyan could be one of the finest options in your ‘BCA colleges in Nepal’ list.


Why Divya Gyan College?

Being set up in 2007 with the motto ‘विद्या धनम् सर्वधनम् प्रधानम्’ by two prominent professionals from the IT sector, Divya Gyan College focuses on not only producing the graduates with good scores but proper skills as well. The college has experienced and cooperative faculties meaning you will get the best for your academics. The classrooms are spacious and multimedia-enabled. Furthermore, you have full access to fully furnished laboratories and library.

Divya Gyan College _-best BCA College

The college has tie-ups with IT Training Nepal, one of the most reputed IT related training centres in Nepal, thus provides the non-credit (professional skill-oriented) courses every semester. This means every semester you will be learning some new things under the guidance of the experienced professionals. You will be certified after the successful completion of the course.

Divya Gyan College _-best BCA CollegeDivya Gyan strongly believes in Earn while you Learn. It is determined to provide you with exposure to the real-world professionalism by getting you working in the related field of your interest. You will be working professionally right from the first year of the course. The college is backed up by one of the prominent IT company of the town, EPrabidhi. This means you will be well aware of the real world hence, prepared for any sort of probable challenges that you might face in the future. The college aims to enhance your skills in such a manner that you’d be capable of an internship within the first two years and be fit for the professional job by the fourth year.

There are some more opportunities for students, at Divya Gyan you will also have access to Colleges Nepal team, one of your favourite Nepali YouTube channels. If you have skills and are interested to work with them, it will be easy for you. With them, you can work as an actor, scriptwriter, presenter, video editor, etc.

And the most exciting part of the college is that you get to go for a college trip every semester. As the college believes that recreational activities are essential for students’ overall development you will make enough experiences and memories as a part of the Divya Gyan family.


College Amenities

  • Multimedia projector enabled spacious classroom
  • Seminar Hall
  • Professional Training Centre
  • Playground
  • Parking
  • High-speed internet facility
  • Individual books for students in the library
  • Computer Lab
  • Digital Library

Affordable Fee Structure

Total fees (4 years): Rs 5,40,000/- (Five lakh forty thousand rupees only)

Admission Fee (one-time payment – at the time of admission): N/A as of now

Security Deposit (refundable at the time of taking transfer): N/A as of now

Semester fee (per semester): N/A as of now

Tuition fee (monthly): N/A as of now

(N.B. These fees are exclusive of other university charges.)

Other Offered Courses

  • Bachelor in Business Studies (BBS)


Location and Contact Information

Putalisadak (Kamaladi Mod), Kathmandu-29, Kathmandu 44600


Email: info@divyagyan.edu.np

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