The Transform tool allows for multiple resizing, scaling, warping, and perspective changes within one continuous operation.

The motley assortment of options, plus Keyboard Shortcuts, provide effortless image editing possibilities.

Transform can be selected using the Main Menu Bar / Edit / Free Transform, or Edit / Transform.

Popular Tools in Photoshop

  1. Colour Range
    Color Range is a useful (and easy) way to make selections when there is a notable difference in color between your target selection and the rest of the image.
  2. Marquee Tool
    Photoshop’s Marquee Tools offer quick ways of using popular geometric shapes to select parts of images to copy, cut, or create with. The Marquee Tools are located just under the Move Tool in the Vertical Tool Bar – second from the top.
  3. Select and Mask
    Select and Mask option puts popular selection tools with mask refinement options in one panel to give the user a “one-stop shop” for creating masks of varying edge definition.
    Select and Mask can be accessed via the Main Menu Bar, Select / Select, and Mask
  4. Puppet Wrap
    When puppet Warp is used on objects, one can move selected sections much like a puppet. Many retouching artists find it helpful for refining body postures, and it’s also the right choice for working with buildings and landscapes. It’s a popular choice for many styles of imagery.
  5. Healing Brush
    The Healing Brush automatically matches color and value, so the user only has to choose a preferred texture, and Photoshop does the rest of the work. The tool is designed for retouching unwanted dust spots, blemishes, scratches, stray hairs, and other small image imperfections, like the Clone Stamp Tool but it is much more comfortable, especially for new users, to work with.
  6. Spot Healing Brush
  7. The Spot Healing Brush is similar to the Healing Brush, but there are differences in the way the tools work that result in different results. Spot Healing Brush looks outside the brushwork, analyzes the shapes there and interprets them into the retouching along with colors and values – with varying degrees of success based upon the data in the surrounding areas.
  8. 7. Clone Stamp tool
    The Clone Stamp tool gives you the ability to copy a selected part of an image and transfer it to a different location turned the most difficult and tedious retouching jobs easy.
  9. 8. Dodge and Burn Tool
    This tool is for delicately blending skin tones, refining edges, removing wrinkles from clothing and cleaning up blotchy areas in images.
    The dodge tool is constructed to lighten areas without affecting hue or saturation.
    And the burn tool is designed to darken areas without affecting hue or saturation.

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