Nepal’s GK:

  1. When did the then House of Representatives declare Nepal as a nation free from untouchability?
    Ans: 21 Jestha, 2063.
  2. Who is the artist to create a world record by filling color on a 123 m long canvas on a single day?
    Ans: Kiran Manandhar on 13 Baishakh, 2065
  3. Where is the Martyr and Civil Park (Shahid tatha Nijamati Park) going to be constructed?
    Ans: In the Jagadol, Gokarna.
  4. Intending to conserve the culture and tradition of the Tamang people, where was the Tamang Museum established?
    Ans: In Rasuwa.
  5. From which Veda did music originate?
    Ans: Sama Ved.
  6. Which are the international sports competitions that are held only in Nepal?
    Ans: Elephant polo.
  7. Who was the father of Rana Prime Minister Mohan Shumsher?
    Ans: Chandra Shumsher.
  8. When was the Sagarmatha National Park included in the World Heritage Sites?
    Ans: 1979 AD (Chitwan National Park: 1984 AD)
  9. Which body used to issue currencies in Nepal before the Nepal Rastra Bank?
    Ans: Sadar (Central) Mulukikhana.
  10. What type of climate is found in the areas above 5000 m?
    Ans: Tundra climate.
  11. How many seasons are there in Nepal according to the weather conditions?
    Ans: six seasons.
  12. What is the origin of the hot wind ‘loo’ that hits the western Terai?
    Ans: Thar Desert, India.
  13. At what altitude is the tropical evergreen forest found in Nepal?
    Ans: Up to 1200 m from the sea level.
  14. Which is the tallest palace of Nepal?
    Ans: Nautale Durbar, Basantapur.
  15. Which is the tallest temple of Nepal?
    Ans: Nyatapola, Bhaktapur.
  16. What is the other name of Gaurishankar Himal?
    Ans: Pathibhara.
  17. Which is the most extended mountain range in the world?
    Ans: Himalayas.
  18. Which is the highest valley in the world?
    Ans:  Purvighyach (6571 m).
  19. Which Himalayan mountain is nearest from Kathmandu?
    Ans: Jugal Himalayan peak.
  20. How many religious sites of Nepal are there in the World Heritage Sites?
    Ans: 5 sacred sites

World’s GK:

  1. Largest Country       –  Russia
  2. Smallest Country     –  Vatican City
  3. Largest Continent     –  Asia
  4. Smallest Continent   –  Australia
  5. Longest River        –   The Nile
  6. Shortest River        –   The Roe, Montana, US
  7. Deepest Ocean      –   Pacific Ocean
  8. Smallest Ocean     –   Arctic Ocean
  9. Largest Lake          –   Caspian Sea
  10. Most massive Freshwater Lake   –   Lake Superior, US-Canada
  11. Highest Lake                    –    Titicaca in Peru
  12. Largest Waterfall             –    Angel Falls, Venezuela
  13. Highest Mountain           – Mount Everest, Himalayan Mountains, Nepal
  14. Lowest Point on land                     – The Dead Sea, Israel-Jordan
  15. The largest cinema     –  Fox Theatre, Detroit, USA.
  16. Tallest statue             –  Spring Temple Buddha, China -153 m (502 ft)
  17. Largest airport            –  King Khalid International Airport, Saudi Arabia.
  18. Largest museum         –  American Museum of Natural History.
  19. Tallest tower               –  C. N. Tower, Toronto, Canada
  20. Which country in the world consumes the most electricity?
    Ans: USA
  21. Which country has the highest rate of home ownership?
    Ans: Spain
  22. How many countries are members of the European Union?
    Ans: 27
  23. How many countries are there in Africa?
    Ans: 54
  24. Who is called the father of Economics?
    Ans: Adam Smith
  25. The Largest producer of Tobacco in World – China
  26.  The Leading producer of Cement in World – USA
  27. The Largest producer of Sugar in the world – Brazil
  28. The Leading producer of Automobiles in World – USA
  29. Who is considered the “Father of the Constitution”?
    Ans: James Madison
  30. Buckingham Palace became the official royal residence during the reign of which British monarch?
    Ans: Queen Victoria
  31. When did Buddha live?
    Ans: 560-480 BC
  32. What does Buddha mean?
    Ans: awakened one/enlightened one
  33.  Buddha belongs to which clan?
    Ans: – Sakya/Shakya
  34. What Mauryan ruler was the first to adopt Buddhism?
    Ans: Ashoka
  35.  How old was Buddha when he attained enlightenment?
    Ans: 35
  36. Eight Fold Path Four Noble Truths
    1. Right understanding
    2. Right speech
    3. Right livelihood
    4. Right mindfulness
    5. Right thought
    6. Right action
    7. Right effort
    8. Right concentration
  37. Four Noble Truths
    1. The world is full of sorrows.
    2. Desire is a root cause of pain.
    3. If Desire is conquered, all sorrows can be removed.
    4. following the eight-fold path
  38. What country is also known as Persia?
    Ans: Iran
  39. What is the main island of Japan?
    Ans: Honshu
  40. Old Trafford stadium is located near what major city?
    Ans: Manchester
  41. In which country is the Hillary-Tenzing Airport situated?
    Ans: Nepal
  42. Which country is the leading egg producer in the world?
    Ans: China
  43. Which gorge in Nepal is deepest in the world?
    Ans: Kali Gandaki Gorge (Andha Galchi)
  44. .Where is the headquarters of UNO?
    Ans: New York, USA
  45.  How many countries are a member of the United Nations?
    193 countries
  46. How many languages have been named official by the United Nations?
    Six languages (English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Arabic, and Russian)
  47. Which is the top post in the United Nations?
  48.  Who gave the name as United Nations for this organization?
    Franklin D Roosevelt
  49. How many Principal Organs does the United Nations have?
    Ans: Six
    ) The General Assembly
    b) The Security Council
    c) The Economic and Social Council
    d) The Secretariat
    e)The International Court of Justice
    f) The United Nations Trusteeship Council
  50. What was replaced by United Nations Organization?
    League of Nations

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