This topic might be one of the vast issues which we ever talked on in our blog. You just passed your SEE with an A+ grade? That’s great. But wait for a second, are you determined to join the Science faculty just because you got an A+? If this meets your situation, then you should bother thinking one more time. Just because you got an A+, you are not obliged to select Science only. Not just Science, Humanities also needs an A+. Also, other faculties do.

Just because you scored an A+ in your secondary school doesn’t necessarily mean you should go with Science faculty in the High School. Studying Science is seen as a matter of pride in our societies and country as a whole. Science is given more preference over any other subjects. These comparisons are baseless and impractical. Therefore one should pursue their career in the field of their interest. If you are someone who is interested in Accounting or Business, you shouldn’t hesitate to mention it to your parents/ guardians and study the same. If you have scored an A+ in your secondary school and you have an interest in the field of Arts, you can always join Humanities/ Arts in your High School. Due to the impact of the current political situation of the country youths seem to blindly hate or prefer keeping themselves away from politics. But this is wrong. Firstly, our youth should be aware of what politics actually is. Youths have been misinterpreted about politics which is drawing the youths away from political studies.

If you have an interest in politics and administrative services you should not hesitate to admit that and pursue your career in the same. You might be the ideal one for our country. Our Universities have listed the political science and other related degrees in the Humanities Faculty. So if you hold an A+ certificate yet have an interest in politics and related fields, you should not be ashamed of that but proud. It is observed that every student want to join the Science stream and Management stream at least. Humanities is taken as the option for those who have no option left at all. This is a misconception. This concept might have emerged out of lack of awareness and knowledge. Science, Management and Humanities, these are the streams and fields of different professions. All three of those are independent while being interconnected. Therefore, all these fields are equally prestigious and vital in a way or other.

Today, our country needs a capable leader. We have more than enough skilled graduates, but they are unemployed. As a result, youths are attracted to foreign lands. We are in a severe situation of brain drain. We are compelled to let our skilled manpower go. All this is due to incapable leadership. For the most, political science and other related humanities courses are the last options. In most cases, either the one who has no more option than taking humanities dues to various reasons or the one who just needs to acquire a college degree seem to take humanities subjects. The field which is supposed to produce capable manpower for the administration and politics of the country is being neglected, which is directly affecting the entire nation. The faculty, which should be producing capable graduates for the most responsible and sensible jobs, is being neglected and misused.

In some ways, we ourselves are responsible for creating hindrance in the country’s progress, as an individual, parents and somebody’s wellwisher. Therefore, you should not hesitate to go with this faculty if you possess leadership qualities or have an interest in this field, neither should you demotivate your children or your loved ones.

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