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You want to get A+ in exam but you haven’t found time to study. We get it there is a lot of things going in your life and you just get distracted very quick. Well we had similar problems and after experiencing a lot of bad grade we have finally found a way to get A+ in exam after studying only for a week.

get a+ easily
best way to get A+

            Well I have personally had a great success with this technique and since it’s so easy, I would like people like me to get good grades as well.

            So, all you have to do is follow the 7 points below and you are good to go.

1.Study smart not hard

            You have exams coming in a week and haven’t studied for it yet. I get it, we have all been there. They all say that you get educated for knowledge and not for marks, but we all know that everyone judges you on the basis of your marks.

            So, instead of studying and covering every single topic on the book look at your syllabus and old questions that can give you a brief idea of what to focus on and what is of less value.

            Questions for your exams are usually set by a person who has brief idea of the topic and syllabus so, you have to think how you would set the questions if you had that opportunity which will come in the next point.

2. Think how you would set the questions

            As the topic suggests you have to think like the teacher rather than a student. Look at the syllabus and think about what you would think is important for your subject and what is not.

            Let’s say that you have certain topics that your teacher placed high importance on. Think about it, and would you make questions related to that subject or not.

            Look at the questions set a year or semester before and get the idea of how a question setting person thinks like. The old questions reveal what is being more focused on in every semester or year on that exam.

3. Use the technique of KISS

            KISS is a technique to write answers and no it doesn’t refer to the actual kissing. KISS means Keep It Short and Simple. Don’t try to expand your answers unnecessarily. Keeping it short and simple and to the point helps you get good marks. Most of the checkers are looking for what you understand by a topic rather than how much you can write.

            The simple and short points reveal the idea and the checker doesn’t have to work hard for knowing how much you know about a topic.

4. Always study easy topics first and attempt easy questions first

            This technique is very important specially for subjects like math or science. Psychology reveals that when you solve a problem you get dopamine which is essentially a feel-good hormone. This helps you to be more interested in studying and also gives you that confidence. The confidence can sometimes make you give you a boost to do even the hardest questions with ease. Just make sure you don’t get overconfident.

            This technique gives you motivation which is very rare and important for studying in exams.

5. Aim High But expect less

            Many studies reveal that picturing success can give you more chance of success. The athletes in Olympics use this technique to get a good ol’ win. So, aim for success that is getting A+ in this case, this helps you get motivated and concentrate on the subject matter.

            But you should always keep your expectation low. This can help you work harder and again keep you motivated. If somehow you don’t get A+, keeping expectations low can help you stay chill and relaxed and target it for next semester or year. Always remember you learn from failure.

6.Always check your answers before submitting

            Checking your answers before submitting is a must. We are humans after all so, we might have missed or mis-judged a question so always look at your answers and questions before submitting it.

            This could make a difference since you are aiming for ‘A+’ or ‘A’. Don’t take anything for granted and always be safe than sorry.

7. Sleep more in Exams

           Don’t lose your sleep before exams. Many people study whole night only to not be able to remember anything in the exam. Don’t get me wrong, you should study a lot but sleep is also very important. Many researchers believe that the things we do and learn are stored in our brain permanently while we sleep. So, make a timetable but always be sure to keep enough time for sleep. So, to sum up, you should always study smart and not hard by thinking and giving more time to important questions. You should learn for knowledge but in the exams, you should study for marks because you are judged first by marks and only then by knowledge. Attempting easy question while studying and in exams helps you build confidence which can be crucial to get more marks in the exams. Don’t forget to sleep but also make a timetable to study. Always aim high but expect less so be critical of yourself. Check your answers as a checker would which can be the difference between ‘A’ and ‘B’ grade.

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