Course Title: Project II (2 Cr.)
Course Code: CAPJ356
Year/Semester: III/VI
Class Load: 4 Hrs. / Week (Practical: 4 Hrs.)

Course Description 

To develop small scale project based on the application development platforms and tools (JAVA, visual C++, PHP , Python or plate form of any current trend. This course provides practical skill based knowledge.

Course objectives

The objectives of this course are to provide project management skills (developing, implementing, managing collaboration) and to learn working as a team. The student will also learn about formulating project documentation.

Course Contents 

Unit 1: Project Ideas and proposal guidance [4 Hrs.]

1.1 Project concept and Scope
1.2 Proposal writing techniques

Unit 2: Application Development [8 Hrs.]

2.1 Object oriented programming
2.2 Frameworks and APIs
2.3 Programming design patterns
2.4 Data collection for project
2.5 Application of GPUS

Unit 3: Project management, team work and collaboration [8 Hrs.]

3.1 Project management techniques
3.1.1 Develop project management plan
3.1.2 Project implementation, monitor and control

3.2 Collaborative development environment
3.2.1 Communications planning process
3.2.2 Organizing and conducting effective meeting,

Unit 4: Project Guidance [5 Hrs.]

Unit 5: Project work [ 30Hrs.]

Unit 6: Project documentation guidance [5 Hrs.]

6.1 documentation format
6.2 Table writing format
6.3 Figure writing format
6.4 Writing equation
6.5 References and citation techniques
6.6 Abstract writing

Reference Books:

  1. The Project Manager’s Guide to Software Engineering’s Best Practices, M. C. Christensen and R.H. Thayer,IEEE computer Society
  2. Angelika H. Hofmann, ” Scientific Writing and Communication: Papers, Proposals, and Presentations Oxford University Press; 3 edition (November 17, 2016)

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