To get habituated and relaxed with your studies, you require managing daily study habits for yourself. So, here is how you can do it.

How much should you study a Day?

Doing study itself is a kind of entertainment, we shouldn’t take it as a burden. Every student has their own unique ability in which he/she can do better than others. The one who has got more retaining capacity will get the job done sooner and the one who is less practising will take time to do that same. So studying is all about practice and making it fun or burden depends on how to take it.

Top 5 tips that help you to do better study:

1. Be attentive during class

This doesn’t necessarily mean writing everything that is being taught. Just listen and try to understand what is going on in the class and try to make yourself clear about the topic. But you can always note down the important keys and points that you might use as reference in future.

2.Concentrate while doing study

It is not important how much time you spend in doing study rather it is important that how much time you did an effective study. Here effective study means to study with concentration. If you are doing the study with full concentration then a few hours is also sufficient.

3. Keep busy yourself in any task

If you are free and there is nothing to do around you, then you feel bored and you may be distracted. At least you should keep yourself busy in any task so that you don’t feel bored and you can concentrate easily on any task.

4. Do one task at a time

Doing a number of tasks simultaneously is probably not a good idea as we can’t get the efficient output by doing this. It means if you are studying social don’t study maths at the same time. First, you finish social and then start maths, this will give you maximum efficient output.

5. Get the main theme first

If you have understood the theme then it is confirmed that you will get all the ideas of the topic. Getting the main idea of any topic helps you for better understanding.

6. Always do study by writing

Doing a study by writing is the best method of study, it helps you to remember anything very easily and more effectively.

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