Results for SEE – Secondary Education Examination (formerly known as SLC) has been published recently and the results for Grade 12 Examination by NEB – Nepal Education Board (formerly HSEB) is to be published soon. With this the students awaiting their results and perparing for the entrance examination for the high schools/ colleges in Kathmandu might have started planning to migrate to the Kathmandu Valley. But living in Kathmandu solely is not as easy as you think. Expenses is a major thing that comes into consideration but there are many other things to be considered as well. So here lets discuss about what is it like living in Kathmandu : Hostel vs Renting.

Living in a Hostel

Living in a hostel is far more comfortable and economic if you are the only one from your family in the city. Solo living in a rented room is comparatively most costlier in the first hand and you don’t seem to have facilities like meal, laundry service, etc that you get in a hostel. Moreover it is easier to find hostel around the educational institutions like colleges and universities.


Pros Cons
1. Easy Avaibility 1. Quality of meals cannot be assured, no choice over meals
2. Cheaper for someone living alone 2. Your visitor cannot stay with you during their visit
3. No headache for meals and laundry 3. Sharing articles like blankets is common in hostel, therefore risk of diseases transmission
4. Easy time management 4. Possibility of stealing of your personal belongings
5. Easy to clean room (depends upon your roommates) 5. Your roommates might use your personal cosmetics and other belongings
6. Easy and common terms and conditions for the stay 6. Almost no privacy


Renting a Room

Getting a room for a single (unmarried) guy is next to impossible in Kathmandu. Landlords don’t seem trusting young guys with their houses. Landlords in Kathmandu rather trust and prefer married couple or a family. Even if you somehow manage to get a room for yourself, it wouldn’t be like something that you’d thought. Mostly the houses lent in rent here are less spacious and you might not be satisfied with what it comes with.


Pros Cons
1. Flexible meal schedules 1. Rooms aren’t easy to find these days
2. Visitors can stay with you (might depend on your landlord) 2. Might encounter unusual terms and conditions
and interference by the landlord
3. The room is all yours if you are living solo. 3. Water problem
4. You get your privacy if you are living solo. 4. Room are comparatively smaller and therefore might get congested
but it depends upon you
5. Economic 5. Very difficult to manage time as you have to do your chores like
cooking meal, getting your drinking water, doing dishes,
washing clothes, etc
6. More economic if you are sharing the room with a friend 6. Might be problematic and difficult if you are living alone and fall sick
7. Unlike hostel, you do not have to pay for your siblings

if they’re living with you

8. Self-cooked hygenic food, you can cook accroding to

your mood


So should you stay in a hostel or a rented room? This depends on your requirements and preferences. Your dilemma regarding you stay in Kathmandu : Hostel vs Renting must be helped with after reading this article.


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