GitHub Student Developer Pack

What is the GitHub Student Developer Pack?

GitHub Student Developer Pack is the special access opportunity for the students to experience the real-world developer tools from the GitHub’s partner, which includes 23 tools ranging from Data Science, Gaming, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, APIs, Integrated Development Environments, Version Control Systems, Cloud Hosting Platforms, Code tutorials, BootCamps, Continous Integration platforms, payment platforms and many more.

Who can apply for GitHub Students Developer Pack?

A student.


  • GitHub account
  • Student Id card

How to Apply?

  1. Log in to your GitHub account.
  2. Visit the following link: GitHub Student
  3. Click on StudentsGetting GitHub Student Developer Pack Approved
  4. Follow the link through: Get Benefits for Students
  5. Fill-up the form

As long as you provide legitimate id card, your account will be approved within 8 working days.

What more? You can also use this package to get benefited with Free Developer Tools for Students from JetBrains. Click here to earn more.

Enjoy your GitHub Student Pack. Happy Learning.


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