Eligibility for enrolling in grade 11 NEB


NEB has designed plus two in management as a course  designed to develop a strong foundation on management studies. This course focuses on teaching students to be competent, confident and academically sound. After learning or completing this course students are able to decide what aspects of business management studies would interest them at under graduate programs. The course offers both theoretical as well as practical knowledge in Business Management, Business Administration, Hotel Management, Travel and Tourism Management and computer sciences.

This course is designed for people who are aspiring to understand and benefit in the corporate world. Of-course, you have to complete under-graduate level after completing this course to go for a specific field. But, this course lays down the basic foundation for students to decide and go for a specific field.


The objective of this program is to provide students with the knowledge of the fundamentals of management. Students take the concepts about the subjects such as computer science, general management, accountancy, finance, office practices and marketing to decide what field is best suited for them. Students can also work in junior management activities after completing this course. 

Basically, the objective of this course is to make students familiar with the concepts of management so that they are capable of deciding what field  is best for them.


Students will enroll in grade 11 and study subjects such as Mathematics,Accountancy,Economics,Computer Science,Teaching Mathematics,Elements of Finance, Business Mathematics,Cooperative Management, Business Studies, Geography, Psychology so the students must have 

  • GPA: 1.6
  • C Mathematics
  • D+ English, Nepali, in Social Studies and Science
Eligibility for enrolling in grade 11 NEB
Eligibility for enrolling in grade 11 NEB

Job Prospects

After completing plus 2 in Management, students can take a starting level jobs in banks and finance or administrative post in other institutions. Although this may require some training according to job and institution.

Most of the students enroll in Bachelor’s level after completion of plus 2. Some popular courses that students pursue after plus 2 in management are as follows:

  • BBA
  • BBS
  • BHM
  • BTTM
  • BCA
  • BIM

The above courses are famous one generally offered by tribhuwan university(TU), Pokhara University, Purbanchal University and other international universities.

Course Structure

Grade XI Grade XII
Compulsory Compulsory
English English
Nepali Principle of Accounting -II
Principle of Accounting -I Marketing/Business Mathematics
Optional (Any Two) Optional (Any Two)
Hotel Management Hotel Management
Travel and Tourism Travel and Tourism
Computer Science Computer Science
Economics Economics
Finance Business Studies
Basic Mathematics Finance
Business Studies Basic Mathematics